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Unconventional Mobility

Silent Tactical Energy Enhanced Dismount (STEED) significantly enhances human performance during dismounted operations. Maximizing small unit dominance through reduced troop overburden, warfighter offloading, lethal payload transport, and more rapid personnel recovery. Patents pending.


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RRTO Thunderstorm experimentation of future vehicle for multi-domain operations during first responder and military challenges encountered in dense urban environments; including buildings, streets, and subterranean rail. Zero turning radius and zero emissions enable use in confined spaces. Climbing stairs allows movement to operations occurring above and below street level, and traversing rubble piles ensures dispersed unit mobility in degraded urban terrain.
— August 2019
Successfully completed Combat Evaluation (CV) measuring efficacy under various operationally relevant scenarios cross-country and in dense urban and subterranean environments. Military utility assessment and comparative human performance study demonstrate significantly faster dismounted movements, improved squad situational awareness and security posture, combined with reduced fatigue and faster recovery. Remains functional when power is depleted.
— April/May 2019
Performed flawlessly while participating in the Army Expeditionary Warrior Experiments (AEWE) conducted by the Maneuver Center of Excellence Battle Lab. STEED utilized during squad, platoon, and company trials, and was highlighted as a standout technology. Carried multiple capabilities, sustainment loads, and enabled 1:1 litter casualty movement. Requires zero RF spectrum.
— February/March 2019
Selected from among multiple candidate projects as first pilot in Army Futures Command’s capabilities accelerator, the Army proponent for disruptive innovation. STEED is the closest tech to reduce Soldier load now.
— December 2018
STEED enabled one individual to continuously move multiple mass casualties during live high-intensity crisis scenarios at Operation Convergent Response, an immersive learning experience for first responders that employs emerging technology used to help save lives.
— November 2018
Load carriage using wheeled carts prescribed in FM 21-18 as a readily employable means of reducing Soldier load fatigue, extending endurance, improving effectiveness, and reducing injury. Stating ‘a Soldier’s fighting capability is related directly to their load’.
— April 2017



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