STEED Military Cart

Silent Tactical Energy Enhanced Dismount (STEED) significantly enhances human performance during dismounted operations. Maximizing small unit dominance through lethal payload transport, extended time and distance, and rapid 1:1 personnel recovery.

human performance

STEED delivers an innovative solution to existing capability gaps identified by the Army, Marine Corps, and Special Operations Command. Further highlighted by the latest doctrine for dismounted movement and maneuver under load in the most demanding conditions, including subterranean and dense urban environments.

Powerful & Versatile

STEED powers through difficult terrain; over rocks, zero radius turns, through wetlands, submerged in water, even climbing stairwells. Versatile load deck and low center of gravity allow for a wide variety of payloads, affording leaders more options in mission planning for decisive action.

Lightens the load

STEED reduces injury and improves endurance by lightening the load. Field evaluations demonstrate marked reductions in heart rate and energy expenditure with use of STEED. Data comparisons show operators can move 4x more payload, with less stress and fatigue versus man-pack carriage.

Close CoMbat Lethality

STEED applies Unconventional Mobility® to increase warfighter load capacity, improve human performance, and enhance close combat lethality. A versatile machine built exceptionally well.

Patents Pending